For international tourism brands to reach and engage with Chinese travelers

China was the world’s largest outbound tourism market in terms of spending in 2018.

Source: UNWTO's report


Who we are

We are a tourism marketing agency dedicated to helping International travel and tourism brands reach and engage with Chinese Outbound tourists both online and offline. 

Our clientele includes Regional tourists boards, Cities, Hotel, Resorts, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Tourist attractions and destinations.

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What we offer

With our digital-first strategy and a mix of some offline activities such as experiential marketing, your brand will be able to reach and inspire potential travelers and think of you when planning for their next trip.

For a foreign brand, China is a complicated market, that is why, we are dedicated to offering creative plans and executions that rightly approach the needs of your travel or tourism brand in order to attract many tourists from China.

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Don't stay behind!

Take this opportunity and attract more Chinese tourists, and immerse them in your brand's experience.

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Main Services

WeChat Marketing


WeChat has become a must use App in China.

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Sina Weibo Marketing


Sina Weibo have more users compared to Twitter.

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Chinese Website Localization


Localize your website to be relevant in  China.

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