An average of 600 million Chinese use social media platforms on daily basis.


China is having a lot of millennials (sources say as much as 40% of the population), and a large proportion of them like to travel overseas to seek different experiences. This demographic is very tech-savvy, with a mobile devices and social apps as their preferences, and is more inclined to research travel options online than through visiting a bricks-and-mortar tourism agency.

Our digital-first strategy covers the following;

  • Chinese outbound profiling and travel trends
  • Market entry planning and competitive analysis
  • Insights in China digital and social media platforms
  • Digital Planning and Execution
  • Website development and localization

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Your brand's success in China depends on its ability to leverage social media in capturing consumers' imagination through localized, engaging content and creative storytelling. This content can be in form of  images and video.  Also, brand's social media visibility can be accelerated through creating integrated campaigns which may involve travel influencers or

 Key Opinion Leaders ( KOLs as they are known in Chinese social media platform). 

Combining online and offline promotional strategies, that include games and contests can be implemented for maximum effect. Chinese social media platform is ideal for brands to establish a long-term relationship with customers, developing strong loyalty marketing programs, which extend beyond a single vacation.

Social media services includes;

  • WeChat and Weibo accounts setup and management
  • Campaign creation and distribution on social media platforms

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New and cutting-edge technologies are changing the face of marketing, as we know it. The emerging use of Virtual Reality (VR)  technology to immerse consumers in the tourism sector with virtual experiences of destinations and other related services is booming. 

Since most Chinese are tech-savvy and like to having interactive online and offline promotional activities, we can integrate Virtual Reality tour with a mix of online activities through social media platforms. 

This will increase your  visibility and help them to discover more about what your brand offer and inspire them to be associated with.